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Our coated paper hardcovers for the liveWELL 360° disc system are unique in construction and give your planner a pop of artistic design. This durable hardcover is made using the same high-quality materials we’ve used on our planners since 2014.

This vibrant teal and gray geometric design are printed on premium textured paper and coated with a durable matte laminate for maximum protection and a distinctly luxurious feel.

The cover features a thick sturdy PVC insert that allows it to easily attach to our polished aluminum discs again and again without wearing out. Since this cover is undated, you can use it again and again.

**Please note: This listing is for the cover only and does not include discs.


MATERIALS: Hard Cover with Premium Texture, Matte Laminate Coating & Durable Punched PVC Insert

SIZE: 7x9 Inches

WORKS WITH: liveWELL 360° Planners

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