IWP Post It® Note Set

We've been asked time and time again to create sticky notes for you to use that incorporated the inkWELL Press® designs. We tried several times to make that a reality, but found that most sticky notes are not sticky enough... barely staying on paper, let alone any other surface. The ones that were sticky, were too sticky and didn't work well for easy removal.

We knew we wanted the best quality, so we did the best thing we could do... we partnered with the industry leader in sticky notes - 3M, the makers of Post It® Notes & worked with them to create 4 unique designs exclusive to inkWELL Press. These are true Post It Notes - not an imitation as these were produced for us by 3M. 

Each set includes 4 Post It Notepads in 4 different color schemes... these color schemes are designed to work with multiple products in our IWP collection and are not designed to go with any specific planner. There are 50 sheets in each pad for a total of 200 sheets. 


  • 4 Notepads in 4 Different Color Schemes
  • 50 Sheets Per Notepad
  • Produced by 3M 
  • Size: Approximately 2.75 x 2.75 in - size can vary slightly between notepads

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