Welcome to the Challenge! 

Don't worry if you are starting the challenge a bit late - we've got you covered! We will be posting the links to the daily challenges each day as they go live. Simply click the link to read the challenge info - it will include any links to resources & downloads. See? I told you we'd take care of you. Now, go start organizing!

Day 01: Week One Video
Day 02: Small Appliances
Day 03: Dishes & Glassware
Day 04: Storage Containers
Day 05: Under the Sink
Day 06: Bakeware/Pots & Pans
Day 07: Countertops & Surfaces

Day 08: Week Two Video
Day 09: Fridge Clean Out
Day 10: Pantry Clean Out
Day 11: Freezer Clean Out
Day 12: Utensils
Day 13: Gadgets & Towels
Day 14: Junk Drawer