Title for our gold foil cards called inklings
We are strong believers in the support that women need to openly offer to one another. We want to do what we can to stop the constant comparisons that we, as women, put ourselves through.

Each one of us has strengths and weaknesses. Each of us has talents - it's okay to not be amazing at everything. That's what makes us human. 

Every day I remind my daughter that it's okay to not be perfect, and yet I hold myself to that standard. To feel successful in my day, I need to let go of that, and so do many women. We want to lift you up on those days where you feel down, and we hope that our inkling prints do that for you.
Our inkling prints are not available to purchase or order - each one is created with the intention of giving you an encouraging word - a little kick start to your day - all for free. Inkling Prints are our gift to you - and to women like you to remind you that…

you are special.       you are loved.       you are amazing.       you are unique.
Inkling Messages are to Empower Women

We truly believe you get the message that was meant for you. We do not choose prints for anyone… we believe that there's something to that idea of fate. If you post a picture, please be sure to tag us with @inkwellpress as we'd love to see where you choose to keep yours.

Signature of our owner and planner designer Tonya