We are happy to announce this year that our Classic liveWELL Planners are available at Office Depot & OfficeMax* along with our desk pads and monthly planners. These items will be available at stores across the United States starting in October! Click here to find the store nearest you!

 If you would like to call your local store to ask about certain products, you can reference the following SKU numbers.

Please note: Do not request for Office Depot to ship you a planner. They will not package it correctly and it will likely be damaged in transit. You will be much happier if you pick it up at your local store (You can call ahead and ask them to pull it for you so it's ready when you arrive).

Item Number
Wood Chevron Classic liveWELL Planner 
Amethyst Classic liveWELL Planner 
Kaleidoscope Classic liveWELL Planner 
 Other products and one other retailer will be announced in late September!
*Office Depot & OfficeMax are owned by the same company, so you can find our planners at either store.