a group designed to help bring people together. People who want to fight the feeling of overwhelm, provide encouragement and focus on productivity. Our goal is to create a community where all members work together to build up others and help create productive, happy lives.

Community to help Boost Productivity, Increase Time Management Skills and Live Intentionally


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**We review all requests carefully, so it may take up to 72 hours to approve your membership.**


The core values behind our group that is focus on productivity including tools, tips, strategies and podcast.

We believe it's possible to live your best life; that you can achieve big dreams without sacrificing what is most important.

We believe in living with focus on priorities; that time is spent best on the things that are important to you and your goals. 

We believe in giving freely to one another; that sometimes one of best things in life is the grace we extend to one another.

We believe that when we come together, we can build each other up and make a difference in other's lives.

We believe you can build a company on love; through encouragement and support, we can change the world.

We believe in quality over quantity in all things; that anything worth doing should be done to the best of our abilities.



Because our group is carefully screened, we think it's a haven on the web - a place to feel like you can share openly and work with others to help you find your peak productivity, achieve your goals and encourage one another. You can find a complete list of our community guidelines by going to inkwellpress.com/guidelines