Get 1 & Give 1


As a former teacher, I know how hard it is to get everything you want for your classroom. This is why we make it our mission to donate Academic Year Planners to teachers in at the start of each school year. 

Last year, we donated over $100,000 in planners to teachers... and this year we want it to be even better!

Our goal is to help alleviate the added financial stress teachers and home school parents feel at the beginning of the year as they begin to ready their classrooms. It's my little way of giving back to my fellow teachers and showing them just how much I appreciate all the hard work that goes into helping raise our children.


The Quill in our name stands for a lot more than you may realize... it actually represents my children. Since the day he was born, I referred to my son, Jack, as Jackbird. Once his little sister, Kate, arrived I called her my Katbird. The quill is my symbol for them - that this company and everything I do is for those two little birds of mine.

 When it comes to giving back, the Quill symbolizes our core value of generosity -  to always think of others and to model for our children that it's important to bring forth good in this world. In that spirit, we try to make sure that we are giving back to others as part of the inkWELL Press® mission.



We all deserve a fresh start. We want to help those who are working hard to create a new life for themselves because we know it can be hard when you feel like you've had a tough start.

We donate our second and surplus items to battered women shelters and residential treatment centers throughout our region. Many of these facilities also use our trainings and resources to help these women get back on their feet.

Our goal with the New Life Initiative, is to make a difference in how these women view their lives and empower them with the tools and confidence to begin their new lives.