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The mission behind inkWELL Press® has always been to empower you to feel happy and content about your day. That why we've always included notes of encouragement with your planners called inklings. We've been asked again and again to sell our inklings so you could place these encouraging mantras around you or share them with others. 

We are so pleased to announce inkWELL Greetings® - designed to encourage, inspire and motivate you each day. We named them inkWELL Greetings because we wanted to help you find a way to greet each day feeling confident and happy.

Letterpress printed onto premium Lettra 300 GSM paper each card is a work of art for you to hang on your mirror, tuck in your purse or prop next to your computer. We wanted the cards themselves to be just as beautiful as the messages they convey. Each card is lovingly hand made for us by local letterpress artisans where they do every part of the printing process by hand including cutting, mixing of inks and printing.

We love the idea of using the cards as gifts - use them for Random Acts of Kindness for friends, loved one, just anyone who needs an extra lift. Perfect for brightening someone's day - even your own!


  • 10 Cards Per Set
  • Hand Letterpressed by 7 Ton Co on a 1962 Vandercook Universal III
  • Hand Cut using Guillotine
  • Premium 300 GSM Paper
  • Hand Mixed Colors - 5 colors in each set


    • PAPER TYPE: Premium 300 GSM Paper Stock
    • COLORS:  5 PMS Colors are Hand Mixed
      • There can be variations in colors due to the handmade process
    • SIZE: 3.5 x 3.5 inches
      • Cards are hand cut, so there can be slight variation in sizes

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