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One of the "9 Women Owned Brands that Give Back"

Lauren Conrad

“I have tried other planners in the past and they were no more than a calendar. When I stumbled on inkWELL's planners, I was hopeful this time would be different. The set up videos were dynamite and now the podcasts are so fabulous! The best part is I feel like I'm not alone! I really feel like I can finally achieve a goal (or 3)!"

~ Suzanne

“Can I tell you how much I love Inkwell Press? I have never been so busy in my life and I have never felt so organized and so together. It is the first time I have ever truly grasped time management. I used to feel so defeated at the end of the day - and now I feel accomplished.”

~ Paula

“I just can't get over the quality of your amazing planners! This is my first time using your beautiful planner and and to be honest I love the weekly, and the mission board."


"I have hope for the first time in a long time. Its beyond difficult for me to journal daily. I've always failed. This planner is amazing and the continued support that comes with the planner is just as wonderful and important as the planner itself.”


“I absolutely LOVE my planner! It has definitely kept me in "organization mode"! I actually look forward to planning out the week, so that I don't have to rely on memory --- keeps me focused, organized, and speaks to my love of organizing with a bit of creativity added in.”


"Listened to monotasking podcast today and it was fresh on my mind as I started my to-do list today. I rocked it out and got everything done and feel relaxed at the end of my work day."


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