How to build your planner...

Customize your planner by putting the pages in the order you want them! Once the outer packaging has been removed, set everything on a table and snap in each cover (one at a time) to hold the discs in place, then start fitting in the pages. This process will only take a few minutes.

See Step-by-Step Instructions Here

See Step-by-Step Instructions Here

Choose your cover:

Choose your layout:

Choose your accessories:

Choose your discs:


  1. Set the front and back covers so that the interior side is up and the plastic clips face each other.
  2. Place the discs in a vertical line between each cover.
  3. Snap the clips of each cover into each disc until the front and back covers are fully attached.
  4. Take a few pages of your insert and fit the notches into the discs, one at a time.
  5. Close your planner and voila! Make sure everything is facing the right way.
  6. Need to make a change? Pull a page from the bottom and lift it up in the direction of the discs, like you’re peeling a mask from your face.