Summer may be hot and sticky, but there's something about those long, lazy days that we love. You may have heard of the Sunday Scaries, but what about School Year Jitters? If the thought of another year of school drop-offs, out-of-town sporting events, and endless homework hassle has you on edge, here are seven ways to refocus your energy elsewhere and feel happy again!


  1. Turn it up!


Listen to something that brings joy to your heart, be it your favorite music, podcast, or book. If it's music, you can even have a little dance party in the kitchen (Silent Disco, anyone?) to get your heart pumping and endorphins flowing!


  1. Eat your feelings - responsibly


Takeout Therapy? Yes, or whip up your favorite food in the kitchen. Whether you enjoy cooking from scratch at home or prefer dining out, eat something you truly want! It's tempting to snack alone but try to include a friend or family member, so you don't over-indulge.


  1. Get moving


A 15-minute walk after a meal is one of the easiest ways to help your body process the calories, and it also helps with your emotional state. Go for a walk, get to the gym, or log onto YouTube for a quick, new workout. Even doing five minutes of slow, easy stretches will do wonders for your mood (and muscles).


  1. Phone a friend


Text them in advance, but what could be better than FaceTime with someone you love? It will distract you from your worries and make you feel better instantly! It's a great way to pass the time, especially if your day is dragging or you're stuck in an airport. 


  1. Sunshine and fresh air


Head out and breathe deep! Marvel at nature; stop and smell the flowers. There's a saying that beauty cleans the mind, meaning if you can focus on something beautiful and appreciate it for a moment or two, you'll start to forget about your nagging anxieties.


  1. Self-Care time


In a funk? What self-care activities help you feel better? A nice hot bath before bedtime will calm your nerves. Try curling up with a good book, too; that's a traditional way to escape daily stress.


  1. Start a gratitude journal - in your planner!


Our inkWELL Press dated inserts include a gratitude page, but do you have unused space in your planner? Turn it into your gratitude page and write what you're thankful for on a given day. It gives you a fresh perspective on things and increases positivity. Tracking your gratitude can be as simple as writing one thing in your planner daily.


We hope these tips inspire you with some great ideas, especially if you're feeling down. Getting out of a funk may take some time, but following these tips will help you feel b