About Us

Tonya Dalton, owner of inkWELL Press and host of Productivity Paradox podcast.

I know, first-hand, how overwhelming it can be to feel like you have a million things to do each day. There’s so much pressure in today’s world to do #allthethings and do them well. 

I’m here to help. Think of me as your productivity coach who’s here to help you live focused on your priorities; to help you cut through the noise and achieve your goals; to give you the tools and training to live your best life.

My definition of productivity is not getting more done… it’s focusing on getting the important things done. It’s about living with intention.

When you do that, everything else falls into place. I’ve created a productivity system to help make it even easier - with my podcast, planners, and community all focused on helping you become more productive you’ll find that when your head hits the pillow at the end of each day, you feel happy, satisfied and successful. Doesn’t that sound like the life you want?

I hope you’ll join the inkWELL Press Family and start living the beautiful life you deserve.

The core values behind inkWELL Press that is focus on productivity including tools, tips, strategies and podcast.