Referral Program Tips and Tricks

Tricks to make referring planners even easier


The referral link is automatically created by the server… which is a machine that thinks that a jumble of letters should be easy to remember, but it's not. Right? To make it easy to share your referral link with others, use a free service like to shorten your personal link:

If you use, you can even create your own personalized url (like or These services are FREE and really easy to use - and they make sharing your referral link very simple to do!

Now that you made your link short and simple to remember, it will be even easier to share! There are buttons to share your link via email, Facebook and Twitter in the referral program window, but there are plenty of other places you might want to share your link including your profile page on Instagram, inside Facebook groups, or even share it in person. 

Blog reviews and videos are great for driving referrals to you. These don't have to be anything fancy, either, a video using your phone works great and gives you a chance to share your referral code. These places are perfect for driving high number of referrals to your link!

If you have a website or blog, you may want to add a graphic to your sidebar to help get even more referrals. Simply grab one of the images below (just right click & then save as) and then pop it on your site. Set the image so that it links to your unique link, so when they click it they will go directly to where they can redeem the code that's linked to you! Adding images to your sidebar is fairly simple and there's tons of tutorials that can show you how!