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We have designed a set of stickers to coordinate with each color scheme found in our 2019 Weekly Planners. There are four sheets in the set - one for each color scheme.

You'll notice though, that the stickers have even more colors than our Mission Board,™ so for those of you who like to play with more colors, we thought this would be the ideal way to make that happen!

Each sheet has 89 shapes for a total of 356 stickers in a set! Use them to denote important items or just to dress up your planner a bit. These stickers work great with stamps and pens so you can customize them even more! Each sheet includes 11 hexagons, 12 pointed flags, 24 chevron arrows, and 42 mini squares.


STICKER COUNT: 356 Stickers Total

PAPER: Semi Gloss Adhesive Paper

SIZE: 4 x 5 inches

WORKS WITH: All inkWELL Press Products

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