Gold Sticker Sheets

Our gold colored washi sheet style sticker is printed with special metallic ink. Each set comes with 6 sheets and each sheet has 53 shapes for a total of 318 stickers in a set!  Use them to denote important items or just to dress up your planner a bit. These stickers work great with stamps and pens so you can customize them even more!


  • 11 Hexagons
  • 6 Pointed Flags
  • 2 Long Skinny Strips
  • 2 Long Thicker Strips
  • 26 Mini Squares
  • 6 Ribbon Flags


    • PAPER TYPE:  Adhesive Paper with Low Gloss Coating
    • STICKER COUNT: 318 Stickers Total
    • SIZE: 3 x 4.5 inches

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