It’s safe to say that we’re all about planners here at inkWELL Press HQ, but we also know that not everyone is ready to invest in a planner. That’s why we offer an alternative: productivity notepads. They’re non-dated so you can use them anytime and still plan your entire day.


Each premium notepad, made with the same paper as our discbound planning inserts, is so useful that even planner users like to use them to plan with their families or on extra-busy days. If you’re looking for a new and budget-friendly way to plan or need a small, packable gift, check out three of our favorite notepads.  


Daily Docket


This is the best notepad to help you focus and organize your daily to-do list. As the name implies, this notepad keeps track of what you have “on the docket” and divides the day into Appointments, Tasks, Chores, and Notes, plus a hydration tracker.


Built for quick and easy planning, the page size is a compact 5.5 x 8.5 inches, so you can tear off a sheet and slip it into your planner or storage pocket with ease.


Do you know someone who would benefit from a planner but refuses to use one? The Daily Docket can help them find the joy of planning! It’s a thoughtful and handy gift for busy moms, grandparents who need help remembering things, or recent grads moving into their first apartment. The Daily Docket is a gamechanger for everyone!


Daily Download


The Daily Download notepad is perfect for people who like to unwind and check in with themselves before bedtime. Each sheet reads like a journal, with sections for Today’s Accomplishments, Priorities, Gratitude, Tomorrow’s Plans, and Ratings for your stress levels and wellness. With its clean and simple design, the Daily Download notepad is easy to use and helps you decompress at the end of the day.


The page size is a convenient 5.5 x 8.6 inches; you can tear off a sheet and slip it into your planner or bedside table. But here’s where the tear-and-toss feature of a notepad comes in handy, especially if your day has been particularly challenging – the kind of day you don’t want to remember.


Write out what happened, “download” the stress or happenings of the day - and throw it out. Our paper can be recycled or shredded and composted, as long as it doesn’t have stickers or metallic paint on it.


Know someone who loves journaling but also already has a ton of journals? They would love the Daily Download!


Daily Focus


Finally, we have the Daily Focus notepad, which is very similar to our non-dated Daily insert featuring the Priority List and gives you hourly planning slots from 5:00 am through 9:00 pm. With its elegant design and practical layout, the Daily Focus notepad is perfect for those who want to stay motivated and on track throughout the day. Use the Escalate, Cultivate, and Accommodate system to prioritize to-dos, and note Accomplishments and Gratitude to help you process events. It even has a Daily Scorecard and extra room for notes.


The page size matches our disc planner inserts: 7 x 9 inches. You can tear off a sheet and slip it into your planner or share it with your family or team. The Daily Focus notepad is perfect for multitasking parents, people with hybrid work schedules, busy office routines, or frequent travelers.


All three notepads are made with the same 140 GSM paper as our planners and designed to be used with your favorite pen or pencil. They are all non-dated, easy to tear off, and can be used at work, home, or school. No matter where you are, these notepads keep you organized, focused, and centered.


Know someone who’s not quite ready for a planner? Give them the gift of purposeful productivity in one of these premium notepads. Happy Planning!