One of the questions we most frequently hear is, “How do I get the most out of my planner?”

We believe the secret to maximizing your planner is to use every page. But what if you already have unused pages from previous months in your planner?
The truth is, we ALL have them, so there’s no need to feel guilty or discouraged. In fact, those blank sheets could be the start of something extraordinary. You just have to use them.
We created a list of 54 simple but powerful lists and ideas to help you fill those pages.
Each page can be a brain dump, a place for all the ideas brewing in your head that don’t have an immediate purpose…yet. See what works best for you!


  1. Accomplishments
  2. Mission board drafts
  3. Morning affirmations
  4. Nighttime affirmations
  5. Inspirational quotes
  6. Gratitude worksheets
  7. Fitness goals
  8. Monthly reflection
  9. Action items for next month
  10. New Bucket List or Goal-Setting ideas


  1. Blood pressure or cholesterol charts
  2. Vitamin or medication checklists
  3. Unusual symptoms or feelings to share with your doctor


  1. Places you’d like to visit
  2. Hotels you’d like to stay in
  3. Packing lists for you and your family


  1. Monthly budget
  2. Upcoming expenses
  3. Money-saving ideas

Daily Life

  1. Simple meal plans
  2. Grocery lists
  3. Recipes
  4. New routine
  5. Prayer or meditation lists


  1. Incentive ideas for kids
  2. Kids’ awards and accomplishments
  3. Places to take out-to-town guests when they visit


Use a page to draft a new resume or LinkedIn profile.
  1. Past employment
  2. Awards and recognition
  3. Organizations
  4. Certifications
  5. People who would make good professional or personal references

Entertainment Lists

Has anyone ever asked you, “So, are you watching anything good right now?” You know that you are, but you can never remember it!
Use these lists to keep track of what you’re watching or reading. Be sure to jot down a good takeaway from each, in case someone asks why you love it.
  1. Books
  2. Movies
  3. TV shows
  4. Documentaries
  5. Streaming services
  6. Sports
  7. Gyms or fitness classes
  8. YouTube channels
  9. Apps
  10. Mobile games

Wish Lists

These are all the things you’d love to see or do or have. Wish lists can include anything, but here are some examples.
  1. Gifts to receive (or to give)
  2. Cars to test drive
  3. Movies to watch
  4. TV to see
  5. Books to read
  6. Magazines to check out
  7. Memberships to try
  8. Meal kits to sample
  9. Restaurants to try


  1. Projects you’d like to tackle
  2. Rooms that need painting
  3. Flowers or veggies for your garden
And on that note, we often get asked if inkWELL pages can be composted or recycled. The answer is YES, but it takes about 4 months a page to fully break down. Shred the pages before composting them. If a page has stickers or metallic ink on it, do not compost or try to recycle that page.

Why Use Stickers?

If you’re bothered by the appearance of dates that have long passed, stickers are a planner’s best friend. They’re perfect for covering up old dates or appointments that never happened. You can also use washi tape, markers, or even white-out.
Blank planner pages can be a treasure trove of important personal space for you to use as you see fit.
But if you don’t want to use those older pages, we hope that you will recycle them along with your cardboard boxes, newspapers, and other paper products.
What do you do with unused planner pages? Email us at and we’ll add the most creative ideas to this blog.
Happy Planning!