Back-to-school planning is intense, so it's no surprise that many of our customers opt for an academic planner that starts in July and ends the following June. After all, each school year brings new responsibilities and challenges; why not dedicate an entire planner to the demands of the academic year?


This blog is all about the best planning inserts for parents, students, and teachers. Note: If you already have or prefer a January through December planner, these suggestions work just as well. Regular-year and academic-year planners have the same content - they just start and end on different dates. Let's get started!




Parents wear many hats during the school year: driver, stylist, personal chef, and the more kids they have, the more work there is to be done. The inkWELL Press Daily planner gives you a full, undated page to plan from early morning until late at night, with hourly slots, room for your priority list, and reminders of what MUST be done on a given day.


The beauty of the Daily planner is that you can use it when you need it. Since you fill in the date yourself, there's no need to feel like you must plan each and every day.


Note: Daily planners come with four Mission Boards and corresponding Plan & Focus pages with habit trackers, but they do not come with monthly views. Almost all our customers who use the Daily planner also use the dated Monthly insert.




Our pages are perfect for students and their ever-evolving tastes because you can add and remove pages in a snap! We suggest the easy-to-use Monthly planner, which is a great starter. It includes 12 monthly views, lots of notes space, and monthly mission boards that you can use to highlight important tests or upcoming projects.


Need more writing space? Try the Grid Notes insert for more journaling, class notetaking, or doodling room. It works for graphing in Geometry class too.




Our Flex Weekly inserts offer ample writing room for each day of the week, plus your Weekly Focus. Use the lined sections for lesson planning and the three-box shaded areas for your top three priorities. Flex Weekly inserts include the Important Dates section to plan out the year and all the extra pages like Mission Boards, habit trackers, and even a gifting list for your colleagues and class volunteers.


Parents, Students, Teachers, and Everyone Else


If you or someone you love is in school, the two-page Important Dates section is a must-do at the beginning of the year. Sit down with the school district's calendar and write in all the holidays, teacher workdays, and half-days. Use this space for dates that pop into your head, like birthdays or vacations too. Then go month by month and list those crucial dates so that when they finally roll around, you'll be prepared with childcare, gifts, or whatever the event requires.


These are a few suggestions to help you be more organized throughout the school year. The goal of an academic planner is to not just prepare for what's coming but also help you feel less stressed about the future. The secret to setting yourself up for success? Keep your plans, important dates, and priorities in one organized place - so you'll always know where to look.