The Weekly Kickstart is an intentional yet simple way to declutter a long to-do list. Whether you’re planning with your family, work team, or yourself, the Weekly Kickstart helps you assign a day for all the things you want to accomplish.


The non-dated Weekly Kickstart was created by inkWELL Press founder, Tanya Dalton. If you’ve listened to her Intentional Advantage podcast, you may have heard that she likes to hold Sunday meetings with her family to plan out the week ahead. It’s a great way to keep everyone on the same page and avoid “surprises” mid-week. Here’s how you can do it too:


Bring your family (or work team) together and ask for everyone’s schedule for the upcoming week. This is a family brain dump! Does someone have a dentist appointment? Is a big project due? Do you have house guests coming your way?


  • Write meetings, appointments, and deadlines with a scheduled day and time directly into that day’s box.


  • Write other things, like making an appointment or writing thank-you notes, written into the Tasks column to create a brain dump. Once everyone has contributed, you plug each task into a day that works best.


  • Now you and your team have a schedule! Display it in a place that everyone can see, and once a task is completed, that person checks it off the list.


The non-dated Weekly Kickstart comes in two formats: a pack of 50 disc-punched pages (25 double-sided sheets) for your customized inkWELL Press productivity planner or a 50-sheet notepad with perforated pages. Both are made with our ultra-thick 140 GSM paper for a durable and luxurious writing experience. 


Since the notepad has one-sided, perforated pages, this is the most popular format for families and work teams. You can rip off a page, share it with someone, or post it on a corkboard. It has room for your Top 5 priorities and a place to write in the date at the top.


But the disc-punched version for your inkWELL Press customized planner is incredibly helpful for individuals. It’s the perfect add-on to your Monthly planning insert because it helps you sort everything out before you write it onto your monthly layout, and since it’s undated, you only use it when you need it. No page goes to waste, and you can move it around your disc planner with ease.


BONUS: It’s a cost-effective way to plan your week without investing in a Flex or Classic Weekly insert. The Weekly Kickstart insert pages are double-sided, so 25 sheets provide 50 weeks of planning.