Fathers Day is just around the corner and we thought to ourselves,Lets skip the mug and the tie and the socks all together this year.” Instead, were celebrating dads by planning an activity for the whole family to do together! After all, the best gift you can give is creating memories everyone can look back on for years to come. So, without further ado, here are some of the best Fathers Day activities to do with Dad next week!


Park BBQ!


What dad doesnt love a good barbecue at the park? Pack up his favorite food and drinks into a cooler, fold up those beach chairs, grab a frisbee and some bikes, and head over to the park by your house! Pro tip: make sure to get there early to reserve a barbecue, we have a feeling the grills at the park might be a little bit busier on Fathers Day than usual!


Lawn Game Competition at Home


Theres nothing like a little family-friendly competition! Set up a game day in your backyard and assign teams to keep track of points. Games like corn hole, bocce ball, and ladder ball are especially popular among the dads we know. At the end of your games, tally up the points to see who will be the one doing the dishes after dinner, excluding dad, of course!


Plan a Movie Marathon


Go full movie theatre mode with this one. Were talking popcorn, candy, hot dogs, nachos, soda, slurpees — the FULL lineup. Choose his favorite movie series (were picturing one of TWO trilogies, you know the ones), set up his favorite snacks in the kitchen like a concession stand, and get the marathon started early! Extra points if you let him rifle off his favorite trivia and recite his favorite quotes, word for word.


Breakfast in Bed


Treat Dad to his favorite breakfast in bed, but make it extra elaborate and special. Pull out all the stops; waffles AND pancakes, bacon AND sausage, scrambled AND fried eggs. If you have any orange trees in your yard, pick some and freshly squeeze some into a pitcher along with a fresh, hot pot of coffee. Complete the breakfast with a hand-written note from the kids and surprise him first thing after he wakes up.


Video Games + Pizza


Do you have a gamer dad in the family? Give him the gift he has always wanted but has never asked for — set up the console and give him the entire morning to himself, playing whatever video game he wants. Then, for lunch, order his favorite pizza or two and get the whole family involved. Try your hand at the game and let the kids have a go, and best of all, watch dad share his favorite hobby! Who doesn’t love a lazy Sunday at home?


Go on a Food Crawl


Perfect for the foodie-Dad in the family. Dad has to have a favorite food, right? Whether it’s tacos, burgers, pizza, ribs, or pasta, you can plan an epic food crawl around his favorite food for the whole family to enjoy. Look up a few different restaurants that serve his favorite food of choice the week before. Make sure to make reservations ahead of time if you think you’ll need to! Map out each stop so Dad doesn’t have to do any thinking, and he can focus on the eating! To make things extra fun, pack a notepad and some pencils so everyone in the family can rank their favorites and see which restaurant reigns supreme at the end of the day. Dad and the kids are sure to love this one.


Get Outdoorsy


Is dad an outdoorsman? If so, take him to his favorite spot and soak up that summer sun. Hike his favorite trail, fish at the lake, surf at the beach — this one is totally up to you! Make sure to pack sandwiches and water, and let the day take you on an adventure! Snap some pictures to add to the family photo album to look at next Father’s Day!


So, whether you’re celebrating dad, uncle, brother, or grandpa, try going with a Father’s Day activity this year. We promise you won’t regret it. You have about a week until the big day, so get to planning! And don’t forget, the most important thing is that everyone is together, celebrating the man of the hour. Make sure the day is all about him, and that he is getting showered with all the love he gives year-round.