Healthy habits are the key to a more wellness-focused life, and this one is perfect for someone who’s ready to set new goals, start a new planner, or just loves journaling and list-making.


This exercise is a new year’s tradition for Tanya, but you can do it any time!


Transfer parts of these lists to your Goals or Quarterly Goals pages of your planner, or the Looking Back pages of the Goals planner.


  1. Write out 20 things to LET GO of (Limiting beliefs, the expectations of others, past failures).
  2. Bonus points if you toss this list into the fire!


  1. Write out 10 failures and 1 lesson gained from each of those failures.


  1. Write out 20 things that you are proud of from last year.


  1. Based on the discoveries in the lists above, what habits can you add to your routine? Add them to your plans and goals for the next 12 months and build on the momentum you’ve already got going!


For more information on new year’s planning, listen to Tanya Dalton’s Setting Yourself Up for Success in the New Year podcast.