Welcome to Mission Board 101, our quick and easy guide to using Mission Boards in the inkWELL Press planning system.



How do I use Mission Boards?


  • Go to the Goals page at the front of your planner
  • Brain-dump your goals for each category listed
  • Go to Quarterly Goals on the next page
  • Create action steps for each goal in three-month sections
  • Apply these action steps to the appropriate box in the Mission Board for the month.


Pro Tip:

When moving goals or action steps from

the Goals/Quarterly Goals page to a

Mission Board, work one month at a time.



What if I want to use the Mission Boards and NOT the Goals/Quarterly Goals pages?


  • Write what you’d like to accomplish
  • List ideas
  • Reminders
  • Notes




Here are some examples you can use in each hexagon category:


  • Health

o          Steps per day

o          Workout hours

o          Water intake

o          Doctor reminders

o          Bloodwork notes

o          Breast self-check reminder

o          Prescription reminders

o          Weight goals


  • Home

o          Chore days

o          Housekeeping notes

o          Handyman scheduling

o          Décor ideas

o          Garden alerts for planting

o          Recipes or grocery lists

o          Pet reminders

o          Weather issues


  • Me Time

o          Faith/prayer notes

o          Notes to self

o          Monthly mantras

o          Inspirational quotes

o          Moon phases


  • Be Social

o          Girl nights

o          Date nights

o          Happy hours

o          Early bird specials

o          Playdates

o          Networking events

o          Party planning


  • Financial

o          Budgeting

o          Bill reminders

o          Freelance invoicing

o          Payment updates

o          Savings goals

o          Banking

o          Payday reminders


  • Dream Big

o          Travel inspiration

o          Special event outfits

o          Restaurant ideas

o          Business or story ideas


  • Work

o          Salary goals

o          Sales numbers

o          Ideas for self-evaluation

o          Compliments heard

o          Hours worked

o          Overtimes notes

o          Career goals

o          Interview goals

o          Portfolio notes



*Mission Boards in the undated Goals planner have a different layout.


Need more Mission Board info? We have a more comprehensive guide to the Mission Boards here.