Healthy Habit Thought-Starters: Track these habits for a happier, healthier life.


Healthy habits can be daily habits if you focus on making them happen! Habit Trackers are an easy way to hold yourself accountable and work toward goals large and small. But why are Habit Trackers so popular?  They create a visual chart of your progress, so you can look back on each month and quickly evaluate how well you did.



As you list the habits you want to track, ask yourself at least one of the following questions to ensure each habit aligns with your goals.


What do I want in life?

Where do I want to be?

What does the ideal day look like to me?

How will this habit move me forward in life?

How will this habit take me closer to my goals?

Why do I want to do this?


When should I track my habits?

Commit to a tracking time every day. If you use your planner every morning, you can do it then, but it can also be part of your evening ritual. Whichever you choose, be consistent! You may want to keep your planner open all day if you don’t have a set time to plan.


Here is a list of 35 habits to track:


General Habits to MAKE:

Read for 10 minutes

Make your bed

Eat five fruits and/or vegetables a day

Compost or recycle food or containers

Call your mother

Do not hit the snooze button

Bring your lunch to work

Go to sleep at a decent hour

Be on time for work, school, or outings



Household Habits

Tidy one section of your house

Wash the dishes or load the dishwasher

Vacuum (at least one room or busy area)

Empty litter box

Make your bed

Declutter your desk


Fitness and Health

Set a caloric intake goal

Workout for 20 minutes

Stand up and move every hour

Walk a certain number of steps

Drink eight glasses of water

Limit screen time

Get 15 minutes of fresh air

Floss in the morning or before bedtime

Take your medicine, vitamins, or supplements



Eat one meal together as a family

For younger kids, read a story before bedtime

Spend time together outside

Walk the dog as a family

Give one compliment to each member of your family


For Students

Learn a new language

Finish a project or make progress

Ask for extra credit

Community service or a random act of kindness



Write in your planner

Write in your journal

Spend at least 15 minutes on a passion project


We hope these ideas will inspire you to try the Habit Tracker. Remember, with new habits, you’re striving for progress, not perfection. The goal is to make healthy additions to your life and work to become the best version of yourself for loved ones and colleagues.


“You cannot shine your light on others if your battery needs recharging.” – Tanya Dalton


Thank you for planning with us! Email us at if you have questions about our Habit Trackers.