Transform your life in 30 days! Here’s how.

As the saying goes, it only takes 30 days to form a habit. But if you’ve ever tried to start one, you know that it’s easier said than done! What if you miss a day? What if you make some progress but don’t meet the daily goal? What if you forget for an entire week?


That’s where a Habit Tracker comes in.

A Habit Tracker helps you keep track of what you’ve done and not done. It’s a reminder, a chart, and a motivator, especially if you’re a visual thinker.  


With individual spaces for each day of the month, the Habit Tracker lets you literally take on goals one day at a time!


Where is the Habit Tracker in my inkWELL Press planner?

You can find the Habit Trackers at the bottom of the Plan & Focus page. Almost every inkWELL Press productivity planner offers three Habit Trackers per month. In the Goals planner, they appear at the bottom of the month’s Focus Page.  


Here are 5 simple steps to use the Habit Tracker


  1. In the rectangular space at the top of the Habit Tracker, write a habit that you can realistically do every day and that will help you achieve your goals. Look to your goal-setting page or monthly mission board to see what you want to achieve. Some popular examples are: Walk 15 Minutes, Drink 8 Glasses of Water, or Take Vitamins


  1. Beneath every habit are individual hexagons for every day of the month.


  1. When you accomplish the goal on a given day, congratulations! You fill in the hexagon (or use a hexagon sticker). NOTE: The stickers we sell on our site are slightly larger than the shapes in the Habit Tracker.


  1. If you complete only a fraction of the habit, you fill part of it in, and if you miss a day, you leave it blank.


  1. At the end of the month, you have a visual overview of how well you achieved your goal.


You can get creative with a Habit Tracker too. Instead of filling in the hexagons with a pen or pencil, use color to rate your progress. A green highlighter can be used for days you crushed your goal, yellow can be used for a so-so but adequate performance, and blue can be used for minimal effort (Tanya Dalton, our company’s founder, does not like to use red, but of course you can, if you like). If you did nothing to achieve your goal, that day’s hexagon should be left blank.


How do I set goals in a planner?


The inkWELL Press goal-setting process is:


  1. Write your yearly goals on the Goals page.
  2. Create action steps on the Quarterly Goals page.
  3. Break down quarterly goals into monthly goals on Monthly Mission Boards.
  4. Identify habits to track that will help you reach your goal in Habit Trackers.


The following pages are interconnected:




Do you sell Habit Tracker-only inserts?


No, but you can find Habit Trackers in the following inserts. They’re also included in all our inkWELL Press for Blue Sky wirebound planners.


Classic Weekly

Flex Weekly



Non-Dated Daily (NOTE: The Daily only includes 4 Plan & Focus pages)


We all know that healthy habits are the first step toward a healthier lifestyle, and that’s precisely why inkWELL Press planners include Habit Trackers. Any planner can be a container for your tasks. We want YOURS to help you achieve your goals and dreams, whatever they may be.


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“Goals are not the goal. They are the vehicle to take you where you want to be.” – Tanya Dalton