With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your goals for the season. Whether you want to learn a new skill, start a new fitness routine, or make the most of longer days, having a plan in place can make all the difference.


One tool that can be incredibly helpful for achieving your summer goals is a habit tracker, and if you use an inkWELL Press planner, you're in luck! Each of our dated discbound planners, Goals planner, and wirebound collab planners with Blue Sky offer three habit trackers per month.


The goal of a habit tracker is to help you achieve your goals by making them more achievable and keeping you motivated. Here’s what they can help you do:


Breakdown Big Goals:


A habit tracker keeps it simple. They transform large, intimidating goals into smaller, actionable steps you can track daily. This makes them feel less overwhelming and more manageable. Want to master that new language? Track your daily practice sessions. Want to lower cholesterol? Track your workouts, healthy meals, or medications.


Visualize Progress:


Seeing your progress visually through colorful markings is a great motivator. Filling up your tracker becomes a game, keeping you engaged and accountable to your goals.


Identify Patterns:


Over time, your habit tracker will reveal patterns in your consistency. Create a backup plan if you notice a dip in completing your habits. For instance, if you forget to read before bedtime, set a reminder on your phone.


How to Get Started with Your Habit Tracker:


  1. Define Your Summer Goals:


Brainstorm what you want to achieve this summer and be specific. Use a blank piece of paper to brainstorm all of your ideas, including details like books you'd like to read, places you'd like to visit, and, in some cases, a budget of what you can realistically spend.   


  1. Identify Habits for Success:


List daily or weekly habits that contribute to achieving each goal.


Example: Goal - Read ten books this summer.

Habit: Read for 30 minutes daily.


  1. Write it Down:


At the top of each habit tracker, write in the habit you'd like to track. For the reading example, you could write "Read 30 Minutes a Day." NOTE: Our habit trackers appear on the Plan & Focus page of our discbound and Blue Sky wirebound planners. In the non-dated Goals planner, they appear on each month's Focus page.


  1. Track Your Progress:


Mark your tracker when you complete your habit each day. You can color in the entire hexagon, use a simple checkmark, or use our colorful stickers, which include dozens of hexagon-shaped stickers in a variety of colors.


The key to making your habit tracker effective is to make it part of your daily routine. Take a few minutes each morning or evening to review your tracker and mark off the habits you've completed. This consistent check-in will help keep you accountable.


Missed a day? Don't sweat it. Just get back on track the next day.


Beyond the Basics:


Get Creative: Use fun stickers, colored pens, or washi tape to personalize your tracker and make it visually appealing.


Track Up to Three Goals:


You can have dedicated trackers for different areas of your life. Match them with your Goals, Quarterly Goals, and Mission Boards under the categories of Health, Home, Financial, Work, Me Time, Dreaming Big, and Being Social.


Review and Adapt:


Check your tracker regularly. If a habit isn't working, adjust it. Your tracker should be flexible and serve your needs.


The beauty of using a planner for habit tracking is that it allows you to get creative and customize your system. You can color-code your habits or do whatever helps make the process enjoyable and engaging.


You'll be amazed at how achieving little milestones each day can pave the way to achieving your biggest summer goals, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and maybe even joy. Now, grab your planner, get creative, and let the summer of YOU begin!


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