Summer is the perfect time to give your planning a much-needed reboot! This month, we launch our academic planners, which start in July and end in June of the following year. The content is not school-related, but the dates give teachers, parents, and students a way to plan from the start of the school year until the end.


You don’t need to be a teacher or student to appreciate an academic planner! Maybe you’re ready to turn over a new leaf, start a new job, or set new goals. January can be a stressful, busy time, and a July start month for planning feels more natural for many of our customers.



Our academic 2024-2025 inserts come in three dated formats: Flex (horizontal), Classic (vertical), and Monthly, and will launch on Tuesday, April 23.


What makes academic inserts different from regular inserts?


The only difference is the date range:


Academic Inserts: July 2024 – June 2025

Regular Inserts: January 2024 – December 2024


Insert colors: Morning Sip, Lavender, Fresh Air, Zen.


The colors, fonts, and page offerings are the same as a standard January – December planner.




Our Most Recent Questions


How many new covers will you launch?


On April 23, we will launch not one, not two, but THREE new covers for the academic season!


Two New Hard Paper Covers:

Painted Desert - An alcohol ink design in shades of terracotta and pink clay with veins of metallic rose gold foil and accents of jade green.

Busy Bee - Inspired by elegant wallpaper used in luxury interior design, Busy Bee features a matte charcoal gray background with a repeat pattern of micro metallic gold foil bees.


One Vegan Leather Cover:

Rio Green - This lush vegan leather hardcover is inspired by verdant shades of desert botanicals blooming in the warmth of the spring sun.

Can I get the new cover with 204-2025 bundles?


Yes! New covers also mean new bundles! Bundles are a great way to get started with inkWELL Press customizable planners because you get a cover, inserts, and discs (plus a free gift), all at a discount.


This is our 2024-2025 bundle lineup:


2024 – 2025 FLEX WEEKLY PLANNER BUNDLE: NEW PAINTED DESERT COVER | ROSE GOLD DISCS plus the Surprise Jump Start Gift Package (a value of $30+)


2024 – 2025 VERTICAL CLASSIC WEEKLY PLANNER BUNDLE: NEW BUSY BEE COVER | GOLD DISCS, plus the Surprise Jump Start Gift Package (a value of $30+)


2024 – 2025 MONTHLY PLANNER BUNDLE: NEW RIO GREEN VEGAN LEATHER COVER |GOLD DISCS, plus the Surprise Jump Start Gift Package (a value of $30+)


Will you use the same paper as last year?


Yes! As always, our inserts use the same thick, ultra-luxurious paper. In our discbound planners, inkWELL Press uses 140gsm paper stock or 90-lb paper.


What about your wirebound planners with Blue Sky?


Our inkWELL Press for Blue Sky productivity planners with twin-wire binding use high-quality paper, but it is NOT 140gsm.


Please note that there are no new inkWELL Press for Blue Sky wirebound planners for the academic season of 2024-2025. Please check back for the 2025 planning season!


Hey! When will your discbound January 2025 – December 2025 planners come out?


Our 2025 planners will launch in October 2024.