Do you like to carefully plan each day? If you like to time-block your schedule and control the flow of your busiest days, the Daily planning insert is for you!


Our Daily layout pages are non-dated, so you write in the date, and no page goes to waste. This also lets you plan whenever you like, which keeps your stress levels low and improves your overall productivity.


Ready to take on an action-packed day? Here is a quick start guide to the Daily layout:


  1. On the right side, write in your scheduled meetings and appointments in the appropriate time slot. These should always go in first because they have times attached to them.


  1. What other times need to be blocked? Do you have a school pickup time or a scheduled fitness class? Write that in, even if you never forget it, so nothing else is scheduled during that time.


  1. Use highlighters to identify what kind of task it is. For example, Green can be used for personal chores, Pink for work meetings, and Yellow for family activities.


  1. Write your top priority in the Today’s Focus section. It can be a specific activity or an abstract idea that’s meaningful to you.


  1. Write your other priorities in the Priority List (see our Priority List how-to here). Your most urgent, must-do items go under Escalate, activities that nurture your growth slide into Cultivate, and items like responding to emails and non-important work demands go under the Accommodate section.


  1. Give yourself a hand! At the end of the day, write in the thing you’re most proud of in Today’s Accomplishment. You deserve credit for the work you do!


  1. What can you do today to make tomorrow great? Write that in the Notes section, so you can put it on the next day’s page. And don’t forget to give your day a grade in the Scorecard.



In addition to the daily pages, the Daily insert includes only the following pages: Important Dates, Goals and Quarterly Goals pages to help you achieve your goals, four non-dated mission boards, and four Plan & Focus pages with habit trackers.


The Daily planning insert does NOT include the following pages:

❌ Yearly Overview

❌ Monthly Views

❌ Reference Calendars

❌ Weekly Views

❌ Gift List, Gratitude, Bucket List, Bill Tracker, or Monthly Automations

❌ My Project Plans

❌ Graph Notes

❌ Next Yearly Overview


✅ You can find all the pages listed above in our Flex or Classic weekly monthly planners. The most popular insert to use with Daily is our Monthly insert.


It’s easy to keep your daily routine on track with the Daily planning insert. When you build a customized planner with inkWELL Press, you’ll use dedicated planning pages designed by productivity expert Tanya Dalton (she loves to use the Daily insert with the Monthly planner and the Weekly Kickstart).


The Daily planner and all inkWELL Press planners guide you to live a life full of intention – a life focused on your priorities. When we cut through the clutter and noise of our busy lives, that’s when we can work to achieve our goals and dreams.


Have more questions about the Daily insert? Email us at and let us know how we can help!