inkWELL Press Has Headed West


We are excited to share that inkWELL Press is now a part of the Blue Sky family of brands! Since acquiring inkWELL in September 2021, Blue Sky has been committed to supporting the growth and success of the beloved planner line, taking on production and day-to-day operations with a dedicated team that continues to collaborate with Tanya Dalton, the founder of inkWELL Press. As the #1-selling planner brand in the US, Blue Sky is well-equipped to manage all aspects of the inkWELL business, creating a perfect partnership for future endeavors.


Behind the scenes, little has changed between Tanya owning the brand and Blue Sky owning inkWELL Press. Tanya is the heart and soul of inkWELL Press and continues to represent inkWELL's message of empowerment as our brand ambassador. We meet with Tanya every other week to go over everything from new product development to mission board color palettes and maintaining her customer-favorite sales and promotions. We've even been using her same paper supplier for that thick, smooth, luxurious paper inkWELL Press is known for. So why make the announcement now? Since late 2021, our customers have noticed that their orders ship from Irvine, California, but as Tanya often says, "Right now is the right time."


If you'd like to learn more, listen to Tanya's The Intentional Advantage podcast. In her June 20 episode, she talks about selling inkWELL Press and how handing over the day-to-day operations to Blue Sky has given her the freedom and flexibility to tackle new projects.


Click to listen to Tanya's podcast.



A Note from the Co-CEO of Blue Sky:


 "Tanya's relentless passion for planning and helping others is an inspiration to us all. Our #1 priority at Blue Sky is to provide inkWELL customers with an excellent customer service experience and uphold the integrity of the inkWELL name. We have big plans for inkWELL Press and look forward to what the future holds."

-Warren Vidovich, Blue Sky Co-CEO