Happy Holidays! If you need ideas for a small, thoughtful gift that requires neither shipping nor a trip to the mall, this blog post is for you.


It’s one week before Christmas, and you’ve made a list, checked it twice, and checked everyone off said list. That list is done.


But in the middle of the night, possibly last night, you realized that one or two people didn’t make the list and, therefore, have no gift under your tree. It may be a coworker, a teacher, or an on-the-way houseguest, and they need a gift.


Any other week of the year, we would proudly declare that an inkWELL Press planner makes the best gift, and we stand by that statement for birthdays that are well after the 25th. But today we offer you almost-homemade gift ideas that are perfectly acceptable for almost any adult you know.


We present (ha) to you a series of seriously last-minute gift ideas that are not planners.


A Heartfelt Note


Words of affirmation are a powerful love language. We often assume that our friends and family already know why we appreciate them – but when was the last time you expressed that gratitude? It may feel uncomfortable, but expressing our feelings is a beautiful way to strengthen our connection to the people we care about.


Gratitude can be as simple as telling someone you are thankful to have them in your life or as elaborate as recounting specific memories and why those moments impacted you. When it comes to gratitude, nothing is off the table!


Instead of spending on a generic, reasonably-price candle or mug warmer, write a note. You can write it on a beautiful holiday card or even type it on a plain piece of paper.


Speak from the heart. Tell the bus driver that you appreciate them waiting on you when you’re running down the street with a child wearing a backpack. Tell your coworker that their jokes make you laugh and their voice is the soundtrack of your workdays. Tell your cousin who’s coming at the last minute that you love them, you’re looking forward to their visit, and that you want to buy them a drink while they’re at your house.


No matter what you say or on what kind of paper you say it, a thoughtful note is a great way to reduce the stress (and spending) of holiday shopping and a lovely way to show you care. Let’s embrace a new tradition of ending the year in gratitude for the people around us and maybe save the socks for their birthday.




If gratitude is a gift of the heart, homemade snacks are a treat for the belly.


Here are two super-easy gifts you can make in a pinch. Put these goodies in cute little boxes or whatever food wrap you have on hand with some ribbon or bow. Don’t worry! They’re going to be eaten right away.


Sweet and Spicy Nuts


Sugar and spice and everything nice. Put leftover nuts in a little bowl on your charcuterie board and watch them disappear before the brie.




Peanut Butter Balls


This 4-ingredient treat is ready is ready in just one hour!





Pretzel Turtles


When one of the three (!) ingredients is a Rolo, you know it’s going to be good.




But What if I Need a Planner ASAP??


We may be biased in thinking that sometimes, only a brand new planner, notebook, or journal will do (ok, obviously, we are biased), so here’s where you can find our collab collection with Blue Sky Planners today. You can order them online and pick them up in-store to avoid lines. 



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