Thanksgiving is four days away. Take a few deep breaths and get ready for an action-packed week!


  1. Gather Your Recipes

Dust off the cookbooks, make phone calls, send emails, and browse cooking websites. Print out each recipe and have them in one place for when it's time to cook. Looking for one of Tanya Dalton’s delicious sides? Find the recipes here.


  1. Create Your Shopping List

Sit down with your recipes and a big sheet of paper; it's time to make the Big Thanksgiving Grocery List. If you can, do your shopping on Monday or Tuesday. Traditionally, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is for amateurs, and the day of Thanksgiving is only for things you forgot.


  1. Prepare Make-Ahead Recipes

Do you make a casserole or other dish that can be frozen. Cook dishes that you can freeze on Monday or Tuesday and save time for the big day. Make your pie crusts today.


  1. Plan Your Oven Usage

Your oven is going to get a workout today! Review your recipes and note the oven times and temperatures. Check with those contributing dishes if their creations need reheating and create an oven plan to ensure everything is served hot and at the right time. Confirm that you have the appropriate oven-safe pans for each dish.


Don’t forget! Is your oven clean (or clean enough)? If not, clean it now to avoid unwanted odors later this week.


  1. Dining Room Prep

If you're in the mood for decorating, ensure you have all the necessary items. Iron your tablecloths and arrange the dining area before Thursday. Enlist the help of family members, roommates, or kids to move tables and chairs.


Ready for Thursday?


Wednesday and Thursday are going to be big days, so regardless of your plans or guestlist, be sure to get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and eat balanced, nourishing meals.


From everyone here at inkWELL Press, we hope your holiday plans are organized and your days are filled with love.


PS: Don’t forget to chill your white wine. And here’s a list of the three NFL football games playing on Thanksgiving 2023.