Thanksgiving is just around the corner! To make this time of year as stress-free as possible, we've created a simple, two-week version of the No-Stress November challenge. Our goal is to help you prepare for guests and still savor the joys of a holiday at home.  


Week 1 - Monday, November 13, 2023

We have ten days until Thanksgiving, so it's time to get organized. Keep track of priorities, lists, and reminders in your planner, notebook, or digital document.


  1. Prepare Your Guest List

Who's coming to dinner? Are some people only coming for dessert? Today is the day to put those details in writing. 


Once your guests are confirmed, be sure they know everything about your event:

  • The time that they're welcome to come over.
  • The estimated time that the turkey will be on the table (or when you plan to sit down for dinner).
  • If a guest offers to bring something, have a list of sides, drinks, or desserts that you would honestly like to have at your house.


  1. Check Your Place Settings

Once the guest list is complete and confirmed, look at your place settings. If you need more dishes, utensils, chairs, or tablecloths, decide whether to shop, borrow, or rent the necessary items. Now is the time to make arrangements or locate these holiday essentials.


  1. Create a Food Plan

Write a first draft of your menu. Include appetizers, drinks, entrees, sides, and desserts. 


  1. Delegate Tasks & Food

You don't have to do everything yourself; assign dishes for each person to bring. If some guests aren't keen on cooking, they can contribute drinks, ice, a centerpiece, or even curate a special playlist for the event. 


IMPORTANT: If you're ordering a turkey (or a ham), do it now. 



  1. Keeping a list? Check things off as you complete them.
  2. Reflect on last year's Thanksgiving: What caused you the most stress? What do you wish you'd done differently?
  3. Make a note of these insights and set your intentions accordingly.