OK, Thanksgiving is in 9 days. This week is all about making a strategy and taking care of those tasks that can be done ahead of time. It's still too early to make food, but there are lots of little tasks that can be done now so that during food prep time, you can focus on the cooking.


Pull Out the Recipes

Make phone calls, send emails, and browse cooking sites for any recipes you may need. Print them out and have them all in one place for when you’re ready to cook.


Order Specialty Food

Order your turkey or ham now so that your grocer or butcher will be ready for you next week.


Make Your Shopping List

Write The Big Grocery List (you know the one!) of all items you can buy now. Save the perishable items for next week. You may be tempted to do the Big Grocery Run this weekend but wait until Monday if you can. The stores will be busy this weekend, and of course, they’ll be terrible next Wednesday. Shop wisely.


Start Your ‘Make Ahead’ Recipes

Make foods that you can freeze until next week and save yourself some time. Make pie crusts today and freeze them.  


Create Your Oven Plan

Look over your recipes and write down the oven times/temperatures. Ask those who are bringing food if their dish needs heating. Then create your oven plan so everything comes out hot at the right time. Make sure you’ve got the right oven-safe pans for every dish too.


Extra Credit: Is your oven clean? Or clean enough? Clean it now to avoid that smell next week.  


Prep the Room and Delegate!

If you’re in the mood to decorate, make sure you have all the items you need and see that tablecloths are dry-cleaned and wrinkle-free.


If possible, arrange the dining area now. Spouses, roommates, and kids should be called to help you move tables and chairs.


Week 2 may seem like a lot but taking care of these little preparations will alleviate stress down the road.


Time for a check-in

How are you feeling about the holiday today? We hope you’re feeling good because you are on the right track! You can do this!!


We’ll post the third and final challenge next Monday; be sure to check back! We’re getting closer!