WEEK 3 - November 21


This is the week, and you’ve still got plenty of time to shop and cook.



Depending on your work schedule, this is the best day to hit the grocery store. Get to the grocery store and try to pick up as many items on your list as you can. By Tuesday evening, the stores may be running low. Have ever gone to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving? It’s full of amateurs who don’t know where anything is. Go at your own risk!


Turkey Alert!

If your turkey is frozen, make sure you've moved it to the fridge by today. A frozen turkey needs 24 hours of thawing time for every 5 lbs.



This is the day to make your pie filling (if you’re the one making the pie, of course). Just make the filling and keep it refrigerated. Also, check that you have all the platters you need for each dish (especially the turkey - make sure your platter is large enough!)



Today is food prep day. Chop veggies, bake pies, and scrub potatoes. And if you are making homemade stuffing tomorrow, make sure that you have placed your bread out so it can get stale. Chill white wine and set reds out for the ideal temp.



The big day! Set the table in the morning and make those last-minute sides and reheat dishes. Get that turkey in the oven and hopefully, with all your prep work, there's time to enjoy a glass of wine with your guests.


🏈 Entertainment: If you’re saving the playlist until dinner is served, football is on TV all day! Here is your NFL Thanksgiving day football game and channel guide.


Dinner table conversation tip: Ask people what they want for Christmas! Have a little notepad or our Gift List page of your planner at the ready and write it all down. Then stow it somewhere safe and pour yourself another glass of wine (or sparkling grape juice). You just accomplished an extra task!


We hope our 2022 No-Stress November challenge helped you feel less stressed. Take a big exhale and put your feet up; you deserve it!


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Happy Thanksgiving!