Four inkWELL Press creatives share which planners they love and how to use them.

Planner people have a special bond. No matter which brand or layout they prefer, there's an unspoken camaraderie among people who use traditional pen and paper to keep track of their appointments and goals. It's a small but enthusiastic community.


Imagine what it's like to work for a planner company, where every day, you design, photograph, and write about planners. At InkWELL Press, we're lucky that all four women in our department come from different generations.


It may not be rare for a Gen X, Millenial, Zillenial, and Gen Z person to work at the same company, but all in the same department for a small paper planner brand. That's priceless. They eat, sleep, and breathe planners, and here are the ones they love best.



Victoria K | 50, content specialist


Weekly Kickstart and inkWELL Press for Blue Sky wirebound


I love planners, and I almost always use more than one. The writing process helps me remember where I need to be and when. Every Sunday (or Monday morning), I review my schedule and write the week's projects on the Tasks side of the Weekly Kickstart. I decide what can be done this week and then plop the projects into specific days.


But I can't resist an old-school planner, so I use the wirebound planners in meetings and take notes for that day's section in the Weekly Flex format. That way, I know what dates the notes were written.


Kendra F | 42, e-commerce director


Daily and Lined Notes

The only planner for me is the Daily because I need all the space I can get for a day's worth of meetings and projects. I love to plan chronologically; it's just easier for me, and I can see how the workday will flow from start to finish.


As new tasks arise during the day, I fit them into the Priority List depending on their urgency. I almost always fill the Notes space before lunch, so I've added Lined Notes pages for overflow and feedback during meetings. I use at least one Lined Notes page for every day of the year.


Tiffany V| 31, creative director


Flex Weekly

As a mom, flexibility is key, particularly with my planner. I use the Flex Weekly and use every inch of space on weekdays. During the busiest times, the Weekly Focus is my friend because it keeps me on track when I'm deciding what to do next. I love that the Flex Weekly comes with Notes and Ramblings pages every month because I always need the extra writing space.


You can't beat all the extras with the Flex Weekly, too. I keep personal goals on mission boards, and habit trackers are a low-key way to stay motivated.


Zoe U | 25, marketing communications manager


Monthly, Dot Matrix Notes, and Poly Tabs


I've got to have monthly views to see what's coming up, but at work, I need a blank slate (or two or three) every day. I can draw, doodle, and take readable notes on the same page with the Dot Matrix. They're simple but brilliant. The Poly Tabs are a must-have for me to keep my thoughts and ideas organized.


Where would I be without removable pages? They're a lifesaver when I work on multiple projects for different teams. I no longer use regular notebooks because I don't want to be stuck with the order. I need freedom!


We love that inkWELL and planning is for all ages – it's never too early (or too late) to make a plan!


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